Music Studio


Open Strings Studio offers the highest calibre of musical instruction. Our teachers are motivated by a commitment to instil and foster a life-long love of music. Lessons are individually tailored to meet the needs and interests of each student and include participation in a variety musical activities.

  • Kiwanis Music Festivals
  • RCM Examinations
  • Solo Recitals
  • Chamber Music
  • Workshops
  • Theory Classes
  • Composition

Teaching Arpeggios. Some great pedagogical insight from my colleague Joanne. It starts on C maj root position; then A minor 1st inv, then F maj 2nd inv. F min. 2nd inv, C min root pos, Ab major 1st inv, C dim (ie C-Eb_Gb) ; then move on to Db maj and go through the whole sequence again, and on and on throughout the entire octave.